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Symmetrical words

Ambigrams (Wikipedia) are symmetrical calligraphic creations, which can have several interpretations depending on the angle of view. Graphically, these words elicit a double reading and can sometimes be deciphered upside down (by rotating 180 degrees) or through a mirror (by axial symmetry).


The words I draw are mainly in French and English. Sometimes I work on proper names or logos.
My works have been published in calligraphy books, exhibited in art galleries, printed on t-shirts, tattoo-engraved and shared by European national newspapers. As gratifying as it was unexpected, the French Minister of Culture, Aurélie Filipetti, started following me on Twitter!

Complete list of my ambigrams   

Complete list of my ambigrams   

These ambigrams on Wikimedia Commons are available with a free license CC BY-SA 4.0 (Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International).

Take a look also at my paintings on canvas.

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